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  Wed Jan 16

Quality 1st and 2nd Cut Hay

High quality 1st and 2nd cut hay for sale.  Timothy/Grass mix from upstate NY.  Bales are two string and consistently weigh 45lbs.  Prices are $8.00/bale for 1st cut and $10.50/bale for 2nd cut.  Prices include delivery and stacking in your barn.  Satisfaction guaranteed - this is the same hay I have been feeding my own horses for the past 10+ years.  (I feed the 1st cut) Never had a bad bale.  Horses leave NO scraps.  Even my picky thoroughbred.  1st cut is soft, not real stalky at all.  Second cut  bales may be a little bit bigger.  Definitely brighter green and softer.  Picture is of the 1st cut bale.


Any questions, please contact me!


  Fri Jan 18

Hay for sale

Hay for sale year round

NO worries about if your hay supplier is going to show up, or change dates etc. 

If we say we'll be there. . .We WILL be there. rain snow or shine. 

Beautiful PA grown timothy orchard hay - 1st cutting only currently due to the overly flooded wet season we had.

NONE of our farms use drying agents or preservatives like many had to do this year. 

If our horses dont eat it - we wouldn't sell it. 

Please feel free to call - even for a quote. 

Lofts no problem , friendly stress free service !

Please call or Text Michele 631-565-9716

  Mon Jan 14

Breathe E-Z Tri Forage Horsehae 631-656-9587

There are numerous advantages to starting your horses on the Horsehae regime. Here are a few that greatly impact the performance and health of your horses:

  1. Feeding Horsehae to coughing horses results in a marked improvement in their respiratory health in only a matter of days. See our product Testimonials and Research.
  2. Horsehae can assist in the reduction of respiratory disease without the use of drugs and chemical additives, using a purely natural, healthy and clean product.
  3. Horsehae assists in maintaining good respiratory health and condition.
  4. "Poor doers" and "fussy feeders" respond well to being fed Horsehae.
  5. Use of only best hay crops, particular forage mixes and rigid processing methods ensures consistency of the product from bag to bag and year to year.
  6. Horsehae closely resembles the natural diet of horses; it is very palatable and is much more easily digested than hay.
  7. Horsehae uses the total plant, providing the horse with all the benefits of fresh forage all year round.
  8. Each mouthful must be pulled from the net or rack, thus helping to prevent stable boredom by occupying the horse.
  9. Horsehae is much more nutritious than hay so that a horse can be kept in better health and condition while at the same time allowing for a substantial reduction in the amount of expensive 'hard feed' in their diet.
  10. There is no wastage in feeding.
  11. Legume free grass mix and alfalfa mix available for horses with legume and grass related allergies.
  12. Similar cost to conventional feeding of stabled horses.
  13. Horsehae is very beneficial in putting on and keeping on weight.
  Sat Jan 19

Breathe EZ

“A Wonderful Alternative for Horses with Respiratory Disorders, Dental Malocclusion, Nutritional Insufficiency or as a Clean, Nutritious Substitute to Conventional Hays”

 Please visit our website at www.BreatheEZHorsehae.com


Contact John Corso at 516-603-1606

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