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  Tue Mar 28

SandPiper Farms Clinic

  Sat Mar 25

Park Permit Connetquot State Park

The horse permits are still only $50 for a one year pass good from Jan. 1 till Dec. 31, 2017. All previous permits expired on Dec. 31, 2016. Regardless of when the permit is purchased it will still only be good until the end of the year. There is NO pro-rating the cost. Permits MUST be displayed on the saddle or carriage. I know this can be a pain when switching saddles, sorry. Starting March 1st any rider without a permit will be asked to leave.

Thank you  from L.I.EQUINE to *Jerry and Rita Tripani for the information 

  Thu Mar 23

Kaplow Equine Insurance


 AGENT: Julie Cannova

631 338 4014




¨        Equine Mortality

¨        Equine Major Medical

¨        Colic Surgery Endorsement

¨        Surgical Coverage

¨        Loss of Use

¨        Stallion Accident, Sickness & Disease

¨        Prospective Foal Coverage

¨        Overseas Transit

¨        Territorial Coverage (outside U.S. & Canada)

¨        Farm Property & Liability

¨        Commercial  General Liability

¨        Horse Show/Clinic/Equestrian Event Liability

¨        Care, Custody & Control (of others’ horses)

¨        Personal Horse Owner Liability



  Wed Mar 29

Trailer City Fast Reliable Service

  Mon Mar 27

Bobby Raber Back Hoe, and Riding Ring Footing and Grating

Bobby Raber

*Back Hoe

*Riding Ring Footing

* Riding Ring Grating

Contact Bobby at 631-697-1816 or craber2006@aol.com 

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