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What are Title Reports and Why are they Needed?

Knowing who is the true owner of the property to be conveyed is only the beginning...

Adverse Possession & Easements by Prescription

Are you sure the property you are purchasing really belongs to you??

The Survey

The survey is a rendering of the land and the structures built thereon.

The Cost of Money

A “pre-approval” is not a guarantee of a loan, but indicates that the Purchasers have good credit...

Some Final Questions


Credit Score

Find out how your credit score is determined...

Closing Costs for the Seller

Generally they come as a surprise at the closing table...

Closing Costs for the Buyer

Whenever Buyers consider purchasing a home they must consider what the purchase will cost them...

Certificates of Occupancy & “Letters in Lieu”

Many would-be Sellers today find themselves in a position of having to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for part of the home that was there when they bought the house.

Agency Disclosure

If a buyer or seller refuses to sign the agency disclosure form, the agent is required to note that the agency disclosure was made, the form presented and the party refused to sign.

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