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Statement About Data Accuracy

The school and district data reported on this Web Site were submitted by local school district officials. School superintendents were provided with an opportunity to review and correct summary reports based upon this data. The data reported on this Web Site, therefore, reflect information, including any local corrections, received by the Department by its reporting deadline. It is possible that district officials have notified the Department of errors in the data that they previously reported after the deadline. Therefore, interested individuals should contact the district to be sure that they have the latest data available.


These reports are produced to inform the people of New York State about the recent performance of public schools. We hope that these reports are used in constructive conversations which lead to improved education for all children in the State.

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Counties in New York State

What You Need

School reports again are in Adobe® Acrobat® .PDF file format. To access them your computer system must be running Adobe® Acrobat® Reader Version 4.01 or higher. If you do not already have this program, you may wish to retrieve it now. If you are unsure if you have it, try viewing a school report. You can always retrieve the Reader another time.

Getting More Information about School Report Cards
Finding a School Report Card
To minimize unnecessary waiting, we suggest a three-step approach:
  • first select a county (either click on the map or use the list of county names),
  • then select a school district,
  • and finally select the school you wish to see.

If you are uncertain of the county of a school, you may use an alphabetical list of district names to find a district, and then select a building.

If you know the county and the school, but not the district, you may use a list of schools within a county. This relatively small school list is available from the list of school districts in a county.

Only if you do not know the name of the school district and you do not know the county name should you use the alphabetical list of school names.

The increasing size of these lists makes using the latter approaches relatively less efficient via modem than the first county-to-district-to-building approach.

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